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Brothers and Sisters of the Sacred Herb

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Dear Brothers and Sisters,
The markers you see here are a small representation of the people who have been terrorized
and who have fought back, sometimes giving their lives. 

THE WALL is a memorial to all of you who pray to God for the lifting of the brutal,
stupid, unjust treatment toward the Children of Sumer, The Peoples of God’s Tree of Life.
This is our thanks to you. The Assembly of 69

Pray for "Terrorism's Victims" Marijuana War Veterans Association

Rev. Walter A. Tucker

Willie Wortel Workshop

Rev.  Michael J. Baldasaro

Free! William Foster

Meg Foster Free Will Foster!

Todd McCormick

Chris Clay

Marc Emery

Ann McCormick

Don Wirtshafter

Mark Greer

Peter McWilliams

Rev.  Bro. Daniel H. Morgan

Gatewood Galbraith

 Daniel Possee 

Jimi Hendrix

Timothy Leary 

Thomas King Forcade

Bob Marley

Mr Ralph Seely

Jack Herer

Jess "Real Fat Freddy" Williams

Rev. Brother Michel Ethier

Rev. Daniel Loehndorf

Renee Boje

Jeff Davis

Robert Plant

Rev. Brother Sheldon Friesen

Rev. Brother Richard Friesen

Rev. Gaynor G. Batchelor

Billy Greer

Rusty Stuart Civil Resistance

in the 21st Century

James Dawson
…Freedom Pages…

Lawrence E. Hirsch

Fair Law.Org

Richard Davis - Hemp Museum

Amnesty for Renee Boje

Healing Herb Festival

Medicinal Cannabis Users Forum

D. Paul Stanford

Reverend Brother Ian Hunter

Class Action for Therapeutic Cannabis

Church of the Holy and Sacred  Herb

Steve and Michele Kubby

A. Barrett


Cannabis Freedom Coalition

Donna C. Lee

Sis. Sheila Steele

Injustice Busters

Kay Lee

Journey for Justice

Ron Shaw

Gary Waid

Kevin Aplin and Scott Bledsoe

Wendi G. Richardson

Teena Southern

Arthur R Sobey

Dana Beal "Ibogain Dossier"

Glitter - Big Bong Peace Pipe

Aerial "Pixie" Wolf

Robert Michael Stewart

Reefer Raider 1st Initiative

Brother Murray Feist

Brownie Mary Rathbun

Joseph Anthony Hart

Saint Albert Johnson

Jodi James

Drug War Facts

Andrew Bello, FLorida Activist

Joan Bello Florida Activist

Thomas J. Lowe

Paul "windofchange" Giroux

Sister Negus Somayah Kambui
"Project Hemp is Hep"


Marvin Chavez

B.E. Smith

Kathy Tadlock

Hermes Zygott

Joe Hart

Mari Kane

A. D. Medina
Ingersol, Paine, Bruno & Twain 

Rev. Roland A. Duby

Budsmoker General

JanAdele, New York...420 

Kim Varcoe

Universal Compassion Centre

Golden Troll Ventures

Thunder Head Glass

Jonathan Eskew

Eric Wikman - 360o of Marijuana

Troy Mackay

Glen Etzkorn - OPART Plus

Jeremiah John King

Hawaii Medical Marijuana Institute
and Cannabis Club

Jim Rosenfield

Rob Brown
Story: Ottawa Citizen On-Line

Wayne H. Kirk
President Positive Indiana Libertarian Party

Joint Operation
"Say no to Warrantless Searches"

Reverend Sister
Jo-Anne Y. Tucker

Victor Forsythe, Author
Birth of an Angel

Jim Lascko

Hash Direct

Jonathan Plaisier

Bechtor - UtopianCult

The Postman


The Hemp Canadian


Michael Anthony Sakell

Hemp is Hep

T. Cochrane "BlackDog"

Cori Cagle
Just like early americans we fight for our freedom.

Terry Parker
1st. Canadian to receive Medicinal Marijuana

Stanko Milosev
New World Order 

Eugene Weekly 2000

James W. Taylor
Marijuana Lover


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Mr. Dopey

Golden Troll Glass Pipes

Mark Anthony Justus
"Air Of The Herb"

Kage Denton
of the Everlasting
"What's Haeppening Now"

Walk across the U.S. Food Shelter
and Love North of Seattle!

Island Hermit
Make Your Smoke Work For You

Bradley Nowell of Sublime R.I.P.
4:20 Mafia

Rev. Brother Wayne Phillips "talisman"
Sativa Ontological Mission of the
Assembly (Acolyte)

I will never accept that it is a crime.

Mary Jane Hempette

In loving memory of
Brother James B. Scarbary

”smoke a bowl”

Dee Dee "janey" Ganjiamen

Chad Straub age 27
Loving Husband & Father
Imprisoned  Dec. 1,  2000 over Marijuana.

Eugene A. Myers
Incarcerated 1979 to 1993.
Member Black Tuna Gang 

Tom Crosslin and
Rollie Rohm

Rainbow Farm, Michigan

Brian P. McCullough
Kentucky Activist

Scott Mccay

Cher Ford-McCullough
State Director / AAMC

 Cindy Wimer

In Memoriam: Ryan Bradley 
A Friend of Tom and Rollie

Jackie Underwood

Nancy Turner - Kansas Activist

Dean Becker
Drug Truth Chats Forums

Rasta Jeff Brown

Edward Jay Faschoway
RIP Daddy

Eddie Smith
Kentucky Activist & MJ Patient

Bro.AjO Warrior-Elder Priest
Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church

To Jim Morrison
"For opening new Doors"
With Love
Chris Healey

Herbert Shawn Wilson
Nobel Laureate, C.P.S.M. 3rd Battalion
Princess Patricia’s  Canadian Light Infantry

"The Hippy"

Michael A Bryntwick
 Suffered severe social and court injustices and brutality at the hands of those that claim to serve and protect, "the Police Force"

Thinking of Chris
"We will miss u Bro."
R.I.P. July 2002 Watertown, N.Y.

Happy Birthday
Phil The Marijuana Activist
 from Degrasse
New York. N.Y.

Happy Hemptress

Timothy Blair




Louis Armstrong

Jim Miller

Jeff Yablan

L.A. Cannabis Resource Center

Randall St Jacques War veteran 34 years.

Rev. Bro. Jason Steadman

Peace Camp Mission of God

Joshua Stringfield and

Melissa Langley

Aron PiemanKay - Bongs not Bombs!


Larry H. & Thomas King Forcade

Krista Lovilla Zoobkoff

Peace and Love

Gary Mathew Hughes
Peace and Love

Brother Terry Winger

Fire Baptism and Lost Sacraments

Sgt. Phil Northcutt USMC/0341

Combat-injured in Ramadi, Iraq. Arrested and unjustly, imprisoned for maintaining a 400 plant medical garden

in Long Beach, CA, March 26, 2006.

Ken and Stacy Sampsel

Peace and Sanity for all

Peace on Pot!
Don Briere and Carol Gwilt
 Da Kine Cafe, Vancouver
Don's release date is Nov. 26, 2010
Makes me want to play video games at home,
and not drink and drive from a bar.

Ben J Denommé

Cannabis Advocate since 1966
"Mistrust those in whom the urge to punish
is strong."
 Friedrich Nietzsche

Reverend Bishop Paul Coulbeck
You are welcome to Visit My Personal Networking Page!

Minister Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger
Son of God  pointing out the impostor judges bands lawyers with false oaths to all who do not seem to know  for over 10 years

Don Bain

Founder of The Ontario Cannabis Alliance

Rev Brother Mike Cox


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Brothers & Sisters
of the Sacred Herb

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