The Meaning and Significance of the Nine Pointed Star of
The Assembly of the
Church of the Universe


The nine pointed star is created with 3 equilateral triangles.

Each equilateral triangle is turned exactly 40 degrees from each other.

When placed together, they create a Tetrahedron, symbolizing the:


o   Spirit of Man

o   Spirit of Woman

o   Spirit of Daughters

o   Spirit of Sons



The All Seeing Eye of God

Together, the 3 equilateral triangles create the All Seeing Eye of God


Four Faces of God.

Each one different and all the same because of the

Worshipers (souls) approach (perception).


The Nine pointed Star

Is an inverse cross. A four pointed star (Yin Yang or 69):


4 ÷ 360 degrees = 90 degrees creating a four pointed, cross (+) star.

9 ÷ 360 degrees = 40 degrees or a nine pointed star.


The nine points of our Star

Represent the point we believe the people of the world have come to.

On the doorstep of the new millennium.


We worship God.

However, the way in which we approach, see, encounter, experience and/or worship God.

is personal, inviolate and inviolable, as are our souls.


We feel that just as the Sun represents the Alpha of Mankind,

the Nine Pointed Star represents Mankind’s Omega.

A New Beginning!




The Nine Pointed Star and Logo of the Church and University of the Universe (1969)

Were created by Reverend Brother Walter A. Tucker, M.D., Abbot and Founding Father of the Church/University at Clearwater Abbey.

The original drawings by Reverend Tucker were incorporated into the Church and Universities Logo, by Sister Nada, Graphic Artist/Owner of Lount Graphics,

At Hamilton, Ontario under the directions of Reverend Tucker and Reverend Brother Michael James Baldasaro, D.Lsd, Archbishop


Be well and prosper. In peace, bless us all!
The Assembly of 69’ Clearwater Abbey