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Reverend Brother Michael J. Baldasaro, Prime Administrator
Reverend Sister Juliet C. Boyd, Associate Prime Administrator
Reverend Brother Walter A. Tucker, Abbot, R.I.P.

eMissions of The Church of the Universe.

·       Toronto Assembly Mission of God - Section 56 Compassion Centre is operated by the Toronto Assembly as part of their mandate to assist the healing of the sick & dying.  “The leaf of the tree is for the healing of the Nations.” Revelation Chap. 22

The Toronto Assembly Mission of God has a new congregation located at 912 Danforth, Toronto, Ontario “Palm Sunday & Easter Sunday were the first assemblies of 2008”. 
The mission is still running the Section56 Medical Club - standard hours six days a week.
New members of the congregation are invited to attend @ 4:00 any Sunday.  Voice:  416 465-7500.  Reverend Ryan delivers a sermon @ 4:20.  Brother Evan attends to new folks thereafter.”

Reverend Brother Bruce Ryan  
Reverend Brother Paul Coulbeck
Voice: 416 465-7500

·       Mission Montagne de Dieu \ Mountain Mission of God
Reverend Brother Murray Feist
SUTTON, Quebec, Canada

·       JOY Toronto Mission of God
We Are The Caretakers For The Creator
Reverend Sister Angel FemiaLoveCry

·       Magic Angels
"God in heaven above please protect the ones we love. We honour all you created as we pledge our hearts and lives together. We honour mother-earth  and ask for our marriage to be abundant and grow stronger through the seasons”.

·       All The Creators Gifts
Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger, Minister of Christ

·       The Hippy Sanctuary
Historical information by Reverend Dr. Chris Bennett Contemporary information, Edited and abridged by Reverend Dr. Damuzi Spring

·       Cannabis Devout Mission
Reverend Brother Adam C. Dalman, Pastor
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

·       Clearwater Abbey
Reverend Brother Walter A. Tucker, Abbot

·       White Light Mission of God
Reverend Brother Michael J. Baldasaro, D.LSD
HAMILTON, Ontario, Canada

·       Soma Mission of Sacred Plants
Amsterdam, Netherlands

·       Holy Smoke Mission
NELSON, British Columbia, Canada...

·       Global Explorer Mission of God
Reverend Brother Terry Winger
Free Anointing Oil - Fire Baptism and the Lost Sacraments

·       Moody Bay Mission
Virtual Temple of The Tree of Life Mission 
Reverend Brother Daniel Loehndorf, Pastor

·       Holy Smoke Party Mission
Reverend Brother John Adams, Pastor
Kerr County, Texas, U.S.A.

·       G13 Mission of God
Reverend Brother Peter Otakar Styrsky, Prime Administrator
TORONTO, Ontario, Canada

·       Mission of Life
Reverend Brother Rick Friesen, Pastor

·       Silver Light Mission of God
Dr. Edwin Pearson, Pastor
BURLINGTON, Ontario, Canada

·       Mission of Compassionate Understanding
Reverend Sister T. & Brother Joseph L. Logsdon
FLORIDA, United States of America

  • The Temple of Holy Cannabis Ministry of  L.A.
    Reverend Sister Judith (Judy) Scobee
    "Never, Never Give Up!" Winston Churchill
    Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

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North Point Missionaries of God



All Missionaries of the Church of the Universe first enter via The North Point Missions of God.
The following is the beginning of a list of those who continue to work for God under our oldest Order. 
To be included in this Listing eMail:


other “Tree of Life” Churches/MISSIONS




  • The Church of the Gerbil
    Go forth upon this Earth and spread the holy words of the Sacred Gerbil on Earth. Go forth and prosper! The Church of Gerbil is proud to announce: Carnal Cookies!

  • Urantia The Urantia Book
    The Religion of Jesus Church

  • The Table of The Remnant
    "He prepares a table for us"

  • The Church of Inner Divinity (OCCID) 
    PO Box 967, Allentown, PA 18105-0967

  • Church of the Living Tree
    We believe that the most important Manifestation of the Living God on Earth is to be found in the Trees. The greatest Folly of the Human Race has been the Destruction of  the Trees of the Ancient Forest, with no Regard to their true Value. 
    Living Trees are worth more than dead ones. 


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