Rev. Dr. Edwin Pearson, Proffessor of Law, Universe University

passed away on February 14, 2010, at age 77 in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

He will be greatly missed. Each time a law is challenged, his words of wisdom will ring in our ears,

Never Plead Guilty” and “Know Your Rights

This site is being maintained in memory of Dr. Pearson.
At this time his manuscript is not available for purchase.

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By Dr. Ed Pearson
Forward by: Reverend Brothers
Walter A. Tucker & Michael J. Baldasaro

Know Your Rights!





If you have been arrested for the possession of cannabis, or use cannabis you need this book.


Every citizen who is charged with such a “crime” should stand up and defend their rights. Nearly 45,000 people are arrested every year in Canada. Some land in jail.


Over the past decades, many thousands of citizens now have criminal records while the government has been promising to change the law. This is something we can do in the meantime.


Chapters on:


o    Standing ‘mute’?

o    Knowing When your under arrest?

o    It’s a bust .

o    On to Court.

o    Preparing for trial?

o   Resources.


The government lost their court case - yet 143,000 citizens have been illegally arrested and charged during the period from August 1, 2001 until present day.


Anyone arrested during this time frame can participate directly in these Class Actions.. We’re asking all cannabis consumers to assist, whether you consume for medical, recreational or religious purposes.. You can do so through the purchase of this GUIDE or Donate to the trust account and help end this injustice. Any amount will help. Stop by your local TD/Canada Trust to make a deposit to the fund. ACCOUNT DETAILS: TD-CANADA TRUST, LEGAL TRUST FUND Acct.# 6264992-80



For more information and to follow proceedings in the Federal Court Class Actions and other legal matters before Her Majesty`s Courts please join Dr. Pearson`s
Yahoo eGroup: FDSELaw

FORWARD: Never Plead Guilty

by Reverend Walter A. Tucker, Abbot

and Reverend Michael J. Baldasaro, Archbishop


This Book is a challenging read. It takes the reader from before anything happens to the final conclusions of the process of arrest, charge and conviction. It is far reaching, not everything but almost. It is detailed, the nitty gritties are involved. It’s comprehensive from before to decision. And it is definitively insightful. All of the above but with depth. The authors have done a fine job and deserve recognition for their scholarly approach to a difficult rendition. Our accolades and applause.