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Ministry of Justice 
Legal Self Defence ``Lsd``


            Statutes & Legal Reference Materials

Case Law / Common Law


·       Federal Court of Canada Class Action, Court File No.: T-1430-07
Reverend Edwin Pearson and others vs. The Queen

Class Action and Motion and Motion for Certification

·       Current Actions before Her Majesty’s Ontario Courts

·        CASE 1 Reverends Tucker and Baldasaro vs. Cadillac Fairview

·        Case 2 Queen vs. Reverends Tucker and Baldasaro
RCMP 2000 Marijuana Trafficking Charges

·        CASE 3 Queen vs. Reverends Tucker and Baldasaro

Hamilton Police Services 2004 Marijuana Trafficking Charges

IMPORTANT - Read Transcript of proceedings of
November, 27, 2006
before the Honourable Mr. Justice Borkovich.


LSD – Legal Self Defence “NEWS”


If you are interested in following our trials for Trafficking in Marijuana, God’s Tree of Life, and our Defence and constitutional arguments we are arguing in the Federal Court of Canada and in the Superior and Ontario Courts of Justice at Hamilton, Ontario in the Fall of 2008 throughout 2008,  we recommend that you Join the following news groups listed below: