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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

·        What is the Church of the Universe

·        History and Beliefs of the Church
Part I History and Part II Beliefs Cannabis Culture Magazine

·        Direction to Worship

·        BELIEFS & WORSHIP "We cover our heads in Courts"

·        Sacraments/Terminologies
Sacrament of MarrDescription: aniheart2.gifage

·        Terms of Endearment  for God's Tree of Life

·        Significance and Meaning of the Nine Pointed Star

·        Mandate of the Church

·        Meetings and Events

·        Official Church Holidays

·        Membership Information

·        Ministerial and Ordination Information  


The Assembly of the Church of the Universe is open to all of God's Creatures who believe God is God.

The Assembly of the Church of the Universe is a modern expression of a Religious Culture "Cult" more commonly known as the "Agriculture" which has existed since the very beginning of time. God put us in the midst of The Garden of Eden and instructed us "to dress it and to keep it" for them.  Genesis, Chapter 2 Verse 15. God, our Father, God our Mother.

Be well and prosper.
In peace, bless you, bless you.
The Assembly of 69

Acknowledgement of Authorities:

  • Historical Authority on Cultural beginnings on Religion and the Tree of Life taken from the book "Sex, Drugs, Violence and the Bible: " By: Reverend Dr. Chris Bennett and Neil McQueen

1.     Reference Article: Cannabis Culture Magazine

2.     Chris Bennett Forbidden Fruit Publishing 
"A collection of writings and video"


Beliefs and Worship!

Why we cover our heads in Courts
Related Story Counsel to the Damned

The Assembly recognizes the mandate of its members to cover their heads and wear sacred head gear such as a Canaban or Canadan or Yarmulke, as required by their religious beliefs, and especially in any association with government agencies and/or the government itself. 

Instances are, in court, for drivers licenses, any other official government picture, any picture identification of any kind and in  other cases that might arise.


The Golden Rules evolved during the formative years at Clearwater Abbey as follows:

.1. Do not hurt yourself. 
.2. Do not hurt anyone else..

We believe that as long as we obey God’s Golden Rules
we should be free to practice our religion and worship God. 

God’s Tree of Life is Sacred...


Official Church Holidays

The Church of the Universe recognizes the following holy days of worship:

Summer Solstice: Approximately June 21.


Cannabis Day: Annually on  July 1st,  the commencement of  the annual Church Holidays which are held and may be observed  in whole or

in part during the entire month of July according to individual choice. (Similar to Christian Christmas and/or Jewish hanukkah holidays etc.).

Winter Solstice: Approximately on December 22nd.

Birthdays: Happy Birthday to You! Have a good day!

Any time: God asks be set aside for worship. 4:20 etc. - Religion and Worship is a personal experience and a fundamental right.


Membership Information

Membership is free and is open to all of God's Creatures who believe God is God. 

The only pre-requisite to becoming a member is a belief in God and adherence to the 
Word of God and to the Golden Rules

Membership Application and Information

Mission, Missionary, Ministerial

And Ordination Information

The church recognizes the declaration that a Member or Missionary has answered God's calling without cost from the time of answering their calling as did Jesus and the Apostles. 

Mission, Missionary, Ordination Application and Information
All Donations  are blessed karma 
Thank you God for giving!



Sacraments and Terminologies

·        God is God

·        Sacrament of Marriage

·        Goddess Cunti

·        Hand fasting

·        Terms of Endearment for God's Tree of Life

·        Sacramental - Tree of Life

·        The Fire Baptism and the Lost Sacraments

·        F.U.C.K.


God is God 

When asked, God told Moses that, His/Her memorial name to all generations forever is I AM 
"I AM WHO I AM" Exodus, Chapter 3 

Then God said, "Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness". Genesis 1.26 


Goddess Cunti

Sex, Drugs, Violence and the Bible, Excerpt p. 155

By Chris Bennett and Neil McQueen


These ancient fertility cults remain as foreign and steeped in mystery to us, as they did to the early Yahwehist who condemned their practice. “Because we have been taught to think of sex as sinful, dirty, titillating or even prurient, the possibility that sex could be sacred, may seem shocking. Even stranger in a world where female genitals are sometimes described as ‘cunts’ (one of the most obscene swear words in the English language), is the idea that women’s bodies—and particularly women’s vagina’s—could be sacred” (Eisler 1995. IN light of the derogatory connotations to the word “cunt” referred to in Riane Eisler’s comments, it is interesting to note that the Canaanite priestesses were known by the name khnt, being the most likely source from where we get the modern day swear-word for the female genitalia, the “cunt332.


332The term cunt is not at all a slang word, but a true language word of the oldest stock. Mythologist Barbara Walker traces the word back to a derivative of the Oriental Great Goddess … Cunti, … the Yoni of the Universe.” (Walker 1983). The similarity in names for the sacred organ, indicate the common roots of language, Greek “Kunthus”, Sanskrit “Kunti”: Latin “Cunnus”. (Camphausen 1991).



As it is in Jewish Religion Ecclesiastical Law, (see link below), Church of the Universe Universal Law recognizes the major requirements for the solemnizing of the Sacrament of Marriage, is that two sweethearts exchange vows in front of friends, with or without a Minister, exchange a ring, and consummate the union.

BBC WORLD NEWS: Israeli girl 'youngest divorcee'

Such a Union as observed by the Jewish Faith, is also recognized by the Church of the Universe. Anyone interested in tying the knot only need declare it amongst friends and, if desired, may request a Marriage License from their local City Hall and/or from the Church of the Universe by writing to Sign the Government papers stating your religious belief as a Member of the Church and that you exchanged your vows amongst friends. Note: Adam and Eve were husband and wife, without witnesses or clergy.

That’s simple, totally legal and binding.


Best of everything to everyone.


Note: Join me “Michael J. Baldasaro” on facebook, and join our Church of the Universe facebook group.


Hand fasting

A probationary marriage, for a set period (often a year in length, but it varies) during which two people agree to live together as a married couple. I prefer to perform the ceremony by  having the couple join hands; I then loosely encircle the couple's joined hands with a short length of hemp rope.  Afterward, the couple shares the holy tree. 

Of course, like any ceremony, the hand fasting should be performed with the needs and traditions of the individuals who are involved in mind. What is effective for them should be a prime consideration. 

Reverend Brother Daniel Loehndorf Moody Bay Mission


.Terms of Endearment for Gods Tree of Life.



1.   God’s
     Tree of Life

Biblical - Moses  The Burning Bush” that would not burn.

Reference: "Jesus used marijuana", Cannabis Culture Magazine

2.  Frankincense

Jeremiah 6:20 Hashish

3.  Sweet Cane

Jeremiah, 6:20
Rev. Chris Bennett & Neil McQueen

4.   Marijuana


5.   Hemp


6.   Chanvre

French, Canadian

7.   Weed, Pot


8.   Grass

Canadian Prairies

9.   Dope

Medicinal Term. For use in surgery "Anesthesia" 

10. Mary Jane

The Great Lady, "Mamma Indica"

11.   Cannabis

Latin, an Italian word, Legal term used to convict.

12.   Ganja


Jamaican, Ja

13. Canvas

Dutch, Tents, Parachutes, Sails cloth etc. Brother Kees

14. Buddha

A common reference for the Tree of Life around the NYC area. Peace, Paul

15. Boo


Used by blacks throughout the southern US.

16. SO-MA




17. TSE-MA




Farsi. the language spoken in Afghanistan and the Kyber Pass.

19. Shah Dineh


Iranian for King Seed or king of seeds.

20. Charas


East  Indian word for HASHISH

21. Vaunce

Often used in the Louisiana bayous. Laurence Cherniak



 As in chuff a fat gaff. Andrew McAleese

23. Holy Medicine  of Life


Marijuana is Medicine.

Leslie Schentag

24. Mota

I believe it means, "smoke" in Spanish (Mexican). Jessica Laforme

25. Bud

I learned it as bud and always call it bud I don't know if this is a Southeastern US thing or the whole US. Peace. Stephen

26. Love

The entire reason that God, the All of Everything created us and the many trees and seeds of life. Oregonian saying from Planet Bubbles. Planet Janet Tarver


27. Mota


Mexican slang term for the beautiful tree of life. j.g. - ghon--jah

28. Scooby Snax


Scoob for short. re hee hee hee .... J Soderlund

29. Pakalolo


Hawaiian word for Marijuana … Hemp Chex

30. doob, spliff
      fatty, hooter

Are all used to describe a fat joint And


"blunt" is a shorter than usual type of cigar often used to roll marijuana, and is also a word used to describe cigar papers of any size containing marijuana rather than tobacco.


"chronic, and skunk" even though they are both specific marijuanna breeds, are also terms used to describe particular, broad, types of marijuanna.  these words usually represent a bud with a thick sticky resinous coating all over it, it is described as producing a down to earth overwhelming high.


"pine weed" is another word used to describe another type of weed which is said to produce a more airy light feeling when you get high.  it's said to be the thinkers bud. 


"creeper" is weed you smoke and doesn't kick in for about 15-30 minutes depending on the individual.


"fire weed" is the last term i can think of it is used to describe marijuana that is literally covered in red hairs and causes much coughing and slight burning sensations.  it is grown in arid acidic environments with lots of sunlight.


Drew a.k.a. “King Kong”


31. Ozmonium



These are terms used in the Metro Detroit area for Marijuana (circa 1980)

“The Hoochie that got Belushi Robin Goodfellow



32. Kaneh (or qaneh)

Sacrament - Reverend Brother Wayne Phillips






The Sacred Herb, God's Tree of Life, Marijuana of the Assembly of the Church of the Universe is considered KOSHER which is to say that God’s Tree of Life is a Holy Sacrament in the Church and as such it  is imperative that our Holy Church Sacrament, God’s Tree of Life, Marijuana,  by all its names and terms of endearment,  be grown by our own Herbalists/Farmers, and distributed by our own Church Clergy.


Keep it Sacred - The Assembly of 69’



To List Your Term of Endearment: Click Here…

Special Notice: It is open to each individual to use, maintain and grow The Tree of Life as required for worship, medicine, pleasure, paper clothing, food, fuel etc. etc.

The leaf of The Tree of Life, Marijuana, is for the "Healing of the Nations"


sacrament-al Tree of Life: "Sacred

The Church of the Universe holds the Tree of Life, Marijuana as sacred 
from the Garden of Eden, a gift from God. 

Genesis 1-29  "Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat";

Ezekiel, Chapter 47-12 "The fruit thereof shall be for meat, and the leaf thereof
for medicine". 

Timothy 4-4 "Everything God has created is good, and no food is to be rejected provided grace is said for it: the word of God and the prayer make it holy". 

Note: The Tree of Life is used in Ontario, Canada medicinally by Terry Parker and others. On December 10, 1997, Judge Sheppard of the Ontario Court, General Division at Toronto, found Terry not guilty of possession and cultivation by reason of medical necessity. In  the trial of Chris Clay in 1977 after hearing from expert witnesses and giving all Attorney Generals of the Provinces and Canada an opportunity to prove marijuana is harmful,  the Honourable Mr. Justice  McCart in the Ontario Court of Justice (General Division) at London, ruled that "marijuana use was relatively harmless compared to tobacco and alcohol, didn't lead to addiction or psychosis or criminal behaviour, and did not cause users to move on to harder drugs". This case helps everyone as put forward in our Federal Court Constitutional Challenge and our special thanks and gratitude go out to Chris Clay and Marc Emery and everyone at Cannabis Culture Magazine and Hemp B.C. etc. who fight for justice at all levels at all times.

We in the church use many of the gifts of the Tree of  Life, (marijuana). Our clothes are made of it and the oils we use to help boost our immune systems come from the seed which in itself is delicious, healing, healthful and nutritious. We write on it and wash with it and believe that as our new generations identify with all of the marvelous gifts which can be derived from this wonderful Herb, then the prophesies of the Bible will become reality. 

We believe that the last days are upon us! Revelation 22-2 says that "The leaf of the tree is for the healing of the nations" and Revelation 22-14 says "Blessed are those who wash their robes that they may have the right to the Tree of Life and may enter by the gates to the city". 

On behalf of the Assembly of the Church of the Universe and it's Congregations everywhere, 
we thank you.

Thank you God for Giving.

Be well and prosper.
In peace, bless you, bless us all. 
Reverend Brother Walter A. Tucker, Abbot
Reverend Brother Michael J. Baldasaro, Archbishop
Reverend Sister Juliet C. Boyd, Minister Plenipotentiary


Church of the Universe