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  • FROM THE JOURNAL OF REVEREND SAM "Diet and Health Suggestions"


Diet and Health Suggestions

  •  Re: Wheat and grains: We have found that we should watch and limit our ingestion of wheat products to loose weight and help reduce arthritis and other aches and pains. Bread, donuts and probably all grain products cause the body to retain water, just like a loaf of bread. In damp weather this will probably increase arthritic and muscle pain because the body acts like a sponge to the water in the air. The muscles and joints swell and pain ensues.

  • Safflower Oil, (cold pressed and kept in a dark bottle and cool), on the other hand, taken daily, will help to oil the joints and internal workings of the body. It keeps us running well and the damp weather out of our bones. A well oiled person should shed water like a duck and damp weather and stiffness should diminish. We found this to be Amazing. It works for us.
  • Capsicum Extract
    "Cayenne, Red Pepper Juice"
    diminishes internal and external pains and bacteria. It improves circulation and purifies all internal and external organs. Even the lungs will benefit from breathing it's vapor. Put a teaspoon in the bath tub and see, good way to cover the entire body as well. Capsicum also improves the immune system and will help you digest food and loose weight.

Take immediately if you are poisoned.
Capsicum is also excellent, so we have been told, when applied over a sunburn, go figure, and many skin rashes that doctor prescribed prescriptions failed to cure. Capsicum extract worked immediately even in one case where a brother was mustard gassed in W.W.II. and nothing would heal his wounds. When something works, one should feel some relief and a difference almost immediately.

Relief from most food poisoning is just  10 to 20 minutes away.
It is no wonder that Mexicans eat red peppers so they do not get sick from ingesting water full of bacteria that causes dysentery, the cure for which by the way is eating red peppers. Capsicum Extract is much easier to take and more direct. It contains no acid in the extract as the seeds and skin are removed and all this with no side effects, according to us over our many years of continued use and according to Jethro Kloss, Author of the Book
"Back to Eden"     other than a healthier body.

  • Hemorrhoid Relief: We also put capsicum extract on our hemorrhoids. Reverend Tucker has done this for four years now every morning. I, Reverend Baldasaro recently and painfully discovered hemorrhoids for the first time ever. OUCH! They are fine now. They went back in quickly and relief was within hour the first application and I could sit down, finally. Freaky things they are. What an experience and thank God for the capsicum or I would still be standing and visiting the Doctor and Pharmacy.

It is also an excellent way to put in the body, via the rear end. Just wipe it on after a bowl movement and/or bath or shower and  or whenever you please. Sure it is hot. Oh well. Not as bad as the pain of the disease or injury and relief comes.

You be the Judge and the Doctor and get all the advice you can from everyone you can
to learn to heal thyself. 

Up-dated August 15, 2006
Be well and prosper
In peace, bless you, bless us all
Reverend SAM


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