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Statement of Claim, July 31, 2007
Federal Court (Trial Division) File No.: T-1430-07
Reverend Edwin Pearson, Reverend Ethier and Brother Hoad v. The Queen

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Inclusive as Class Action Members are all Reverends, Missionaries, Brothers and Sisters of the Assembly of the Church of the Universe, parishioners of the Church and all persons who have a belief in God and that Cannabis (marihuana) is a sacrament of the Church, a basic tenet of the Church which will provide a better understanding of and joiner with their God, and all persons who believe in Freedom of Religion.

The complaint charges the Respondents officers, servants and agents "with misfeasance in office" violations of Freedom of Religion, the arbitrary detention, search, seizure, arrest, and the institution of charges for an offence supposedly prohibited but which to their knowledge does not exist in law or fact, causing the unlawful prosecution and imprisonment of Ministers and parishioners of the Assembly of the Church of the Universe and other class members who partake or whom in the past have complied with the mandate of the church as regards the Church sacrament, cannabis (marihuana. The complaint alleges that during the Class Period, 2000-2007 the defendants had full knowledge that the prohibition relative to cannabis (marihuana) had by law been repealed.


If you wish to discuss this action or have any questions concerning this notice or your rights or interests and to join this Action, please contact Dr. Pearson.
Note: Counsel who will be retained after certification of this class action on September 24, 2007 will be posted below and on FDSELaw:

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NotICe: A list of Class Action Members will be available from the Federal Court of Canada, Court File No.: T-1430-07. The Registrarís phone number is: (416) 973-3356

Thank you for standing up for your rights.

Be well and prosper. In peace, bless us all.
Reverends Tucker and Baldasaro, Ministers Plenipotentiary
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