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Black's Law Dictionary
With Pronunciations
Fifth Edition
By Henry Campbell Black, M. A.
Author of Treatises on Judgments, Tax Titles, Intoxicating Liquors,
Bankruptcy, Mortgages, Constitutional Law, Interpretation of laws
and Cancellation of Contracts, Etc.

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Ecclesia est domus mansionalis omnipotentis dei - at page 459 
The church is the mansionhouse of the Omnipitent God. 

Ecclesia fungitur vice minoris - at page 459 
The church enjoys the priviledge of a minor; 
It can make its own condition better, but not worse. 

Ecclesiastical - at page 459 
Pertaining to anything belonging to or set apart for the church, as distinguished from "civil" or "secular," with regard to the world. 


In forma Pauperis - at page 701 
In the character or manner of a pauper. Describes permission given to a poor person (ie. indigent) to proceed without liability for court fees or costs. An indigent will not be deprived of his rights to litigate and appeal/ if the court is satisfied as to his indigence he may roceed without incurring costs or fees of court. Fed. R. Crim. P. 44 See also Indigent defendant.


Pauper - at page 1015 
A person so poor that he must be supported at public expense. A suitor who, on account of poverty, is allowed to sue or defend without being chargeable with costs; also, and indigent criminal defendant who has a right to assigned defense counsel. Fed.R.Crim.P. 44; Fed.R.App.P. 24. 

Paupers Oath - at page 1015 
Affidavit, verification, or oath by person seeding public assistance, appointment of counsel, waiver of court fees, or other free services or benefits, that he or she is in fact impoverished and as such unable to pay for such.