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Gerovital H3 (GH3) is based on a substance discovered by an Austrian biochemist named Dr Alfred Einhorn. This substance was "Procaine Hydrochloride". In 1905 Einhorn was successful in synthesizing and combining in aqueous solution two products occurring naturally within the human body: Para-aminobenzoic acid – PABA – a member of the B vitamin complex, and Diethylaminoethanol – DEAE. Einhorn named the resultant product "procaine" in order to distinguish it.

Procaine’s anesthetic qualities were evident and proved extremely useful. In the US it became known as "Novocain" and used extensively to reduce discomfort during dental procedures. It proved to be highly effective, basically non-toxic and lacking in addictive qualities.


However, between its 1905 discovery and the late 1940’s there was little interest in taking the product beyond its known anesthetic use. This was until Dr Ana Aslan of the National Geriatric Institute in Bucharest, Romania, began to experiment with it as a means of pain relief in the arthritic joints of elderly patients.


The experiments proved successful, reducing pain and increasing mobility in patients. More interestingly, however, Dr Aslan’s patients began exhibiting improved physical and mental well-being far in excess of the arthritic benefits of the product.

Being a formidable medical research scientist, Dr Aslan could not allow this to go unnoticed and immediately set up a highly controlled programme researching these highly beneficial "side-effects" of procaine.


Basically the problem was stabilization, as procaine hydrolysed quickly in the body and remained active for a relatively short period of time. If it could be absorbed in greater amounts (hopefully) the benefits already noticed could also be increased. Dr Aslan and her colleagues added potassium metabisulphite and disodium phosphate to procaine. This had the desired effect, and it could then be sustained within the human body for up to nine hours. GEROVITAL H3 had arrived!


The "side-effects" of GH3 became quickly established , and the “legend of Bucharest” was born.


GH3 is now available in numerous  progressive countries and it is estimated that more than 50 million people, including world leaders, have used this product. The amount of conclusive evidence regarding its efficacy is prodigious and irrefutable – including much based on research carried out by eminent medical bodies in the US. Individuals or organizations (professional or governmental) seeking to challenge or ignore the evidence have done so as a result of other and less worldly motives than a desire to establish the truth.

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